Rosarinho & António - Wedding at Quinta das Torres | Azeitão

Fotografar casamentos traz-nos muitas coisas boas. Uma delas é poder conhecer sítios novos, lindíssimos que o nosso país tem para acolher quem se vai casar. Fotografar em locais diferentes é como combustível para a nossa imaginação. Inspira-nos! O cérebro não pára, as ideias surgem e o prazer de fotografar multiplica-se.

Foi o que aconteceu neste casamento que vos mostramos a seguir. Desde a preparação, à igreja e terminando na quinta, tudo foi perfeito! Conhecemos possivelmente a venue mais bonita que já fotografámos em Portugal: a Quinta das Torres, em Azeitão.

Se escolhêssemos uma só palavra para descrever este casamento seria: “Luz”. Porque desde a de Lisboa, ao pôr do sol na quinta, acabando na festa e nos neons… foi sempre a luz perfeita.

Photographing weddings brings us many good things. One of them is being able to know new, beautiful places that our country has to welcome those getting married. Shooting in different places is like fuel for our imagination. It inspires us! The brain goes into full-throttle, ideas arise and the pleasure of photographing multiplies.

This is what happened in this marriage that we will show you next. From the preparation, to the church and ending at the farm, everything was perfect! We know possibly know the most beautiful wedding venue we have ever photographed in Portugal: Quinta das Torres, in Azeitão.

If we chose a single word to describe this marriage it would be: "Light." Because from the luminosity of Lisbon, to the sunset at the farm, culminating at the party and the neons ... there was always a perfect light.

Joana & Rúben: At the old mine

We were searching for the perfect couple to shoot in an abandoned mine we’ve known some time ago. We wanted to be like this: dark, dusty, raw, dry.

Joana and Rúben took the challenge.

What we’ve learned from them: “Be different. Be passionate. Be good. Find your style. Find yourself.”

(By the way, please search for “Son of Ink” and check their amazing talent)

Visiting Portugal: a family vacation in Lagos, Algarve

Portugal and Algarve are trendy now. We're happy with that.

We love welcome people visiting our country, our cities, our beaches. The cherry on the top of the cake, is by living here, to be part of some of this people holidays.

Ronald is also a photographer in Washington DC, US. He founded us on Instagram and asked if we could register some of their family time visiting Algarve. They wanted to have some pictures taken in a typical portuguese beach town and after on a beautiful beach. So, this time the choice was Lagos. We had a great time together. Their little boy help us a lot playing all around. We end up in Camilo beach, just for us! 

Hope this brings a fresh summer vibe we're missing already!

A super cute family session in Quinta do Lago, Faro, Portugal

Yes, the wedding season has begun. Meanwhile we could't deny Tatiana request: "let's do another session! This time we have our little girl and another belly!".

It's the other side of Lapela work. We love to photograph happy families and their free interaction. It's like photograph love in pure form. Looks simple but it's not. Specially when we have a non stop child!