Visiting Portugal: a family vacation in Lagos, Algarve

Portugal and Algarve are trendy now. We're happy with that.

We love welcome people visiting our country, our cities, our beaches. The cherry on the top of the cake, is by living here, to be part of some of this people holidays.

Ronald is also a photographer in Washington DC, US. He founded us on Instagram and asked if we could register some of their family time visiting Algarve. They wanted to have some pictures taken in a typical portuguese beach town and after on a beautiful beach. So, this time the choice was Lagos. We had a great time together. Their little boy help us a lot playing all around. We end up in Camilo beach, just for us! 

Hope this brings a fresh summer vibe we're missing already!

A super cute family session in Quinta do Lago, Faro, Portugal

Yes, the wedding season has begun. Meanwhile we could't deny Tatiana request: "let's do another session! This time we have our little girl and another belly!".

It's the other side of Lapela work. We love to photograph happy families and their free interaction. It's like photograph love in pure form. Looks simple but it's not. Specially when we have a non stop child!

Mother & son: the greatest love of all

Porque é que existe um dia da mãe? Pois bem... porque elas são de facto o pilar! a grua, as paredes, o telhado e o recheio desta complexa e controversa coisa a que chamamos de personalidade. Elas moldam-nos, esculpem-nos e dão o brilho à pessoa que fomos, que somos e que seremos. Elas dão-nos tudo, ainda que para isso tenham de abdicar de muito. Por isso... far-se-há muita justiça quando celebramos o seu dia... que são de facto todos.

Este trabalho pretende retratar isto mesmo. A cumplicidade que se constrói desde cedo entre mãe e filho, as suas relações e interacções. A capacidade mútua que ambos têm para fazer de simples, os grandes momentos. Assim... sem cores, a preto e branco. Porque o foco é acção, o olhar e o sorriso de ambos.

Obrigado D & L.

Why is it that we have a “Mother’s day”? Well... Because they are the actual pilar. They are the crane, the walls, the roof and everything within this complex and controversial thing we call personality. They shape us, they carve us and they polish the person we once were, the person we are and the person we will be. They give us everything, even though for that they have to give up on so much. This is why... there will be justice when we celebrate their day... which is every day, in reality.

This work aims to show just that. The closeness built early between a mother and her child, their relationship and interactions. The ability they both have to make the greateast moments seem so effortless. Like so... with no colours, in black and white. Because the focus is on their every action, their eyes and their smile.

Thank you D & L.